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CCTV Installation

The right CCTV system will protect you, your assets and personnel and could turn out to be the best investment you have ever made.

Business CCTV has developed at a phenomenal rate in recent times, Systems can be accessed via Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones or pretty much viewed on any mobile device. In addition to simply recording and playback of an image 24/7, cameras can detect movement in specific areas, zoom in and track, count footfall, provide thermal imaging and visual representation of areas visited, ANPR and much more. 


We are able to provide CCTV installations for any type of commercial property including Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs, Offices, GP Surgery's and Care Homes to name but a few plus any Industrial or Agricultural setting.

We offer expert advise on which system is best for your business, specialising in the full range of HIKVISION products - the world's largest supplier of video surveillance products and solutions - offering a host of the features mentioned above that can improve the functionality and integration with your business.

Why should my business install a CCTV system?

  • Constant Protection – providing 24/7 coverage of your premises

  • Reduce Risk – less chance of break-ins and vandalism

  • Protect Staff – lone workers have the extra protection needed when on site alone

  • Health and Safety – CCTV cameras can provide evidence of incidents on-site, including cause

  • Time Management – can be used alongside other methods to verify staff timekeeping

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We may be technical experts, but we’re also driven by outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and focused on your business needs, not its technical specs.

When you call, we pick up – ready to serve your needs.

Our consistent approach to customer service is the secret to our success – and our client journey is based on 5 simple but crucial steps.

It’s more than our solutions that make us tick, it’s our people and partners too.


All About You

The most important step is ensuring we understand your business technologies, challenges and aspirations.



Armed with your company goals in mind, we perform a full technical audit searching for barriers to security as well as success.



Welcome to ION Networks. You’ll be introduced to an allocated engineer, dedicated to documenting and supporting your organisation's IT.


Remediate and Review

We remediate issues and review your options for any opportunities we identify.


Technology Roadmap

We design and plan your business of the future.

5 Steps to Success

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