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Cloud Services

The Cloud is the basis of the Modern Workspace, providing a flexible, competitive and constantly connected workforce. At ION Networks, our Cloud solutions are optimised to help you make the most of your Cloud, your users and your business.

Our Cloud Services can take your business or organisation to new heights. By migrating your systems and using our services, you can enjoy significant cost savings, secure efficiency, accessibility benefits across your operations and the peace of mind that comes with enhanced data security.


We work closely with our clients to ensure our Cloud Services and computing resources are scaled to your business needs with sector-specific solutions that will give you a competitive advantage and measurable value.

It’s not just about working from anywhere, at any time. With the Cloud, you’re free to explore all new ways of working, empowered to roll out technical solutions you couldn’t run on-premises and liberated from the managing and monitoring of your Infrastructure.

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Work Without Limits

Cost Effective

Lessen the costs of hardware, maintenance and upgrades. Provide software solutions available from any device, scale solutions based on your needs and budget, and make costs manageable with recurring payments. 


Grow and contract your Cloud technical solutions exactly as you need them. Scalable solutions ensure you never pay for anything more than the services you need, when you need them. 


Store sensitive data outside business premises and stored on securely protected servers. Your Cloud environment is defended by strict cyber security measures delivered by the industry’s leading tech providers.


Enable cooperative solutions that bring users together, wherever they work from. Streamline infrastructure with Cloud networking to ensure your demanding software is available from anywhere. 


Provide freedom to work from anywhere at any time, with access to solutions otherwise unavailable via on-premises solutions. The Cloud ensures few technologies are out of reach or budget.  


A promised 99.9% uptime and always-online Cloud storage that lets you access anything at any time. Cloud backup solutions let you protect everything behind regular and automated snapshots. 

Drive productivity, efficiency and economy with a dedicated Cloud solution from ION Networks. Talk to us today.  

What are the benefits of cloud services?

Businesses change, so it’s vital that your IT requirements can be scaled up and down with it. If you are operating from the cloud, there is massive flexibility in your storage options. You won’t need to buy new hardware and software or build your data centre; your cloud infrastructure can be adjusted when you work with ION Networks.

Our experts can help you to find the perfect cloud provider with the operating system and scalable services you need. We can deal with your storage plans and handle any changes – leaving you more time to focus on running your business. 

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We may be technical experts, but we’re also driven by outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and focused on your business needs, not its technical specs.

When you call, we pick up – ready to serve your needs.

Our consistent approach to customer service is the secret to our success – and our client journey is based on 5 simple but crucial steps.

It’s more than our solutions that make us tick, it’s our people and partners too.


All About You

The most important step is ensuring we understand your business technologies, challenges and aspirations.



Armed with your company goals in mind, we perform a full technical audit searching for barriers to security as well as success.



Welcome to ION Networks. You’ll be introduced to an allocated engineer, dedicated to documenting and supporting your organisation's IT.


Remediate and Review

We remediate issues and review your options for any opportunities we identify.


Technology Roadmap

We design and plan your business of the future.

5 Steps to Success

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