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Remote Support

Remote IT support enables us to fix most IT issues by connecting remotely to your computer. It means we can access your computers to provide maintenance and support without being physically in the room with you. Once connected, we take control of the computer we’re servicing and perform whatever task is needed, such as installing updates or troubleshooting issues. 

ION Networks is a Managed Service Provider delivering a complete portfolio of IT solutions to support our clients’ operations across the UK. 

Our approach is designed to take the strain off clients. The services we provide, ranging from the implementation of specific technology-driven support functions to the outsourced management of a company or organisation’s entire IT operation, empowers you to focus on your core business helping enhance productivity while reducing costs, as well as headaches!

As a proactive IT support company, we were truly born into the ‘cloud revolution’ and, unlike many of our competitors, we are  a step-ahead with the latest advances in technology. Our industry expertise, coupled with the deep knowledge we develop of  our clients’ business, ensures we will  deliver both commercially  and technically sound IT solutions.

We take a holistic approach to the delivery of our support and managed services and, as such, understand that IT is an integral part of business operations today – linking everyone and everything. The tide is changing on how systems work and we ensure that the user is at the core, with services tailored around their needs, driving efficiency and flexibility.

We are incredibly passionate about what we do – while implementing effective and appropriate technology is the means by which we support our clients, we are really a people business. It’s the personal relationships we forge with our clients and the in depth understanding we develop of their business aims and aspirations that gives us a strong competitive edge.

We are also highly committed to our own people. ION Networks is proud to support our colleagues by continuously developing their professional knowledge enabling them to measure themselves against industry recognised accreditations.

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Our Values

Quality Assurance

We are proud to be a highly accredited business backed by a raft of industry-recognised qualifications and standards.


Let us take on the responsibility of managing your IT requirements so you can focus on managing your business.

Client Focused

By developing close relationships and an in depth understanding of their business aims and aspirations, we help clients succeed.

Whether overcoming challenges to seizing opportunities, we're here to make your business better.

We work to defined Service Level Agreements that leave you in no doubt that you're receiving the service you deserve.

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Our Services

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