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Access control solutions for your business

Our access control technology empowers you and your company with greater control over the movement of individuals, determining who can access specific areas and when. These systems play a vital role in countering external threats by automating lock-downs, ensuring personnel safety. Additionally, a cloud-based system allows for external control, enhancing overall security measures.

At ION Networks, we specialise in installing all the essential components for access control systems, including associated cabling and hardware. Our services encompass the integration of suitable locking mechanisms, break glass devices, infrared exit buttons, and linking the system to your fire system to release doors in case of a fire emergency. As certified installers, we are equipped to handle access control systems ranging from single stand-alone doors to comprehensive online systems with remote access capabilities.

Our expertise extends to managing multiple sites through a unified platform, utilising cloud services to seamlessly connect access control systems across buildings, regions, or even countries. The access software we implement boasts intelligent features, enabling easy customization of your security system. With personalised dashboards, event reports, live monitoring, and user management all centralized in one place, you have full control over building security tailored to your specific needs.

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Why Choose Us?

All Sectors - All Sizes

There’s no one-size fits all solution to our technology. We scale to your company’s size and scope, both now and in the future.

Cost Savings

Save on resources and deliver better services faster. Spend less and deliver more with efficient new drivers for success.

Future Proof Your Business

Your tech isn’t only updated, but enabled with evolving, Cloud- enabled technologies managed and monitored by us.

Whether overcoming challenges to seizing opportunities, we're here to make your business better. We work to defined Service Level Agreements that leave you in no doubt that you're receiving the service you deserve.

Peace of Mind

We proactively manage your network infrastructure for a fixed monthly cost.

Benefits include:


  • Reduced IT operational costs

  • Proactive IT support

  • Optimisation of IT processes

  • Provide 24x7 monitoring

  • Reduce time to market of product launches

  • Align IT roadmap to the business

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We may be technical experts, but we’re also driven by outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and focused on your business needs, not its technical specs.

When you call, we pick up – ready to serve your needs.

Our consistent approach to customer service is the secret to our success – and our client journey is based on 5 simple but crucial steps.

It’s more than our solutions that make us tick, it’s our people and partners too.


All About You

The most important step is ensuring we understand your business technologies, challenges and aspirations.



Armed with your company goals in mind, we perform a full technical audit searching for barriers to security as well as success.



Welcome to ION Networks. You’ll be introduced to an allocated engineer, dedicated to documenting and supporting your organisation's IT.


Remediate and Review

We remediate issues and review your options for any opportunities we identify.


Technology Roadmap

We design and plan your business of the future.

5 Steps to Success

Want to know more about our IT Support packages?

For a no-pressure chat about your IT systems, speak to one of our experts today and discover what ION Networks can do for you.

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