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Financial Services

Specialising in providing outsourced, dedicated and fully managed IT support solutions to Financial Services within Norfolk & Suffolk.

IT downtime can prove costly for any industry. However, the financial services sector is particularly under pressure to maintain a secure IT infrastructure. On top of the security threats all businesses face, financial services also have to deal with governance issues, regulatory compliance and risk.

This is a fast-changing environment, where legacy systems are being replaced by more agile solutions such as cloud computing combined with mobile hardware such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, but the need for high levels of system security, tight access control and security of information are still paramount.

To survive, you need an IT partner with its finger on the pulse of technology. An IT partner with a dedicated team, monitoring your systems all day, every day.

ION Networks has been providing IT Support solutions to Financial Services within Norfolk & Suffolk for over 15 years. Every one of our clients is issued with their own personal account manager and designated support team. This allows us to provide a personal and efficient service with a team that is both familiar and up to date with your current IT systems.

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Other Industries

We provide a range of solutions and services to various industries.

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