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Cyber Security

Whatever solutions make up your infrastructure, they need solid, dependable security that keeps every element of your IT protected. Protect your clients, defend your systems and enable your users with extensive Cyber Security solutions from ION Networks. 

Cybersecurity or IT Security is critical for almost all businesses and organisations. Cybercrime, IT, and computer security breaches are on the rise. Along with the legal implications they can present, these breaches seriously threaten your operations and financial viability. 


The cyber landscape is changing – and so are the threats to your business security. We implement every one of our IT solutions with strict security and compliance in mind, and provide extensive Cyber Security solutions where needed to keep your businesses perfectly protected, always.

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Why Choose Us?

Credible & Reliable

You need to know you’re protected, compliant and secured behind the best possible defences. Our training, technologies and ongoing support ensure you and your clients are always protected behind the latest security techniques

Cost Efficient

A cyber-attack costs you your time, your reputation and your business-critical data. We optimise your cyber security to bespoke business requirements – creating a cost-effective solution that protects your bottom line.

Proactive Protection

The ION Networks team treats Cyber Security as a service – not just a solution. We proactively and remotely oversee your IT infrastructure, preventing and protecting against the growing cyber threat with always-evolving security techniques.

Defend Against Downtime

Your time is valuable – and any loss can cost more than precious minutes or hours. We’re dedicated to keeping you operational, with protections that repel and remediate any immediate threats.

Ensure total protection across your entire IT Infrastructure.

We assess, implement and oversee your Cyber Security, providing all round, ongoing protection 

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is an invaluable addition to your cyber security strategy. Demonstrating your commitment to digital and personal security, Cyber Essentials proves you meet government-approved standards and makes your business eligible for government work contracts. 

As a certified accrediting body, ION Networks can assess and optimise your business for Cyber Essentials. Ensure your business is perfectly protected and nurture total client confidence with a Cyber Essentials accreditation. 

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Keeping You Protected 

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