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Providing schools across Norfolk & Suffolk with cost-effective and reliable ICT support and IT services from the office to the classroom. 

ION Networks is a leading provider of IT infrastructure, networking & managed services to a range of education establishments across Norfolk & Suffolk.

Our team have strong expertise in education and understand the sector’s needs and requirements in great detail. We approach projects with schools with an open mind, as we understand that one size does not fit all. Although those in the education sector face similar challenges, each establishment has slightly different objectives, so we take the time to get to know you and your school so that we can offer a solution which meets the organisation’s needs. This means that we are well placed to design IT solutions that meet an organisation’s long term goals.

Our services for schools include:

IT Support & Managed Services

We’re specialists in the delivery of cost-effective IT solutions to schools. We excel in the support and management of education IT, as well as installations and asset management. Schools receive a dedicated engineer to ensure continuity and our support agreements run on an 12-month contract basis. We also schedule regular visits to suit each school's individual requirements.

Broadband for Schools

We offer a variety of connection options depending on your location, filtering preferences and opportunities for remote working – offering faster, secure, cost effective and reliable broadband solutions.

Project Management and Procurement

We provide a single point of contact for purchasing equipment and licences across the main IT suppliers and resellers in the education sector. We have dedicated frameworks in place for Audio Visual equipment, Networking and IT hardware/software purchasing, making us a one stop shop for our customers.

Our team are available to work with you on any requirement you may have regarding the purchase, installation or upgrade of your IT infrastructure. Regardless of whether you simply require one device or have a larger scale requirement, we can offer value for money. 


Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices such as iPads are a valuable learning tool and we ensure that these are installed to allow seamless integration to the classroom. Having a Mobile Device Management solution in place ensures that apps and settings that are required in the classroom are installed reliably, leaving teachers with more time to do what they do best, rather than dealing with IT issues.

We can also enroll your school in the correct Volume Purchasing Program to ensure you receive academic discounts for purchasing apps and content for your teaching staff.

Bespoke Wi-Fi Solutions

We are able to design, install and support wireless networks that are reliable, flexible and fully scalable. We implement systems ranging from a handful of access points in a small school to multiple floors across large academies – eliminating the worry of poor performance or signal strength.

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Other Industries

We provide a range of solutions and services to various industries.

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